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Learning expectations for a Lifetime

The Catholic School of Visalia — George McCann Memorial Campus faculty, administration, and parish leaders subscribe to three basic tenets in defining student expectations —

Becoming a faith‐filled active Catholic who:

  • Respects self and others
  • Learns Catholic doctrine
  • Responds at Mass
  • Prays daily

Becoming a lifelong learner who:

  • Strives to excel    
  • Works with others effectively
  • Demonstrates oral, written, and listening skills
  • Solves problems
  • Uses technology for learning

Becoming a responsible citizen who:

  • Accepts responsibility
  • Respects all cultures
  • Shows compassion for the less fortunate
Join HSA

Join the Home and School Association (H.S.A.)

The Home and School Association is the parent club of our school.  Parents are asked to work cooperatively, to help in providing a high quality, moderately priced Catholic education for our children.  Money raised contributes directly to the daily operation of our school and supplemental tuition for all families.  The Home and school Association is designed to bring families together, foster spiritual and educational growth, and to contribute to the financial stability of our school.

Parents are encouraged to become active members of the Home and School Association of The Catholic School of Visalia — George McCann Memorial Campus. Your participation helps us to:

  •     promote a broader appreciation of the mission, goals and ideals of Catholic education;
  •     foster the integration of families with the parish community;
  •     enlist the spiritual, educational and social resources of home and school to provide the best Catholic education possible;
  •     offer religious and educational enrichment opportunities for families with children in the school, and for all families in the parish community;
  •     provide a solid resource group to plan, coordinate, and staff the school’s fundraising efforts and social functions
  •     provide a forum of exchange for parents and teachers on matters of mutual interest;
  •     promote the political awareness of parents with regard to national,state, and local legislation that affects Catholic education as well as the lives of students and parents.

Our H.S.A. Meetings typically occur on the second Monday night of each month.  Please refer to our School Events Calendar for specific dates and locations.

H.S.A. Participation Agreement - 2022/2023

H.S.A. By-Laws - 2020

Meet our current H.S.A. Board Members
(Get to know each of our Board Members by clicking on his/her picture)

Maria Lemus

Matt Hendrick
1st Vice President

Eneida Pepe
2nd Vice President

Melissa Munoz

Janie Espino-Garcia

Cole Beyer

Marvin Esplana