Mrs. McNally

Our full-day Kindergarten curriculum includes the Superkids Reading Program. Reading, writing, grammar, and listening are all integrated into the program. This program is phonics-based and is designed so that children can learn to decode words until they reach fluency. We use the Houghton-Mifflin Go Math program. This math program covers all of the math standards for Kindergarten including:  Addition, Subtraction, Two-Dimensional shapes, and Three-Dimensional shapes as well. We have recently adopted Studies Weekly for science which includes the Kindergarten science standards, such as: Earth, Physical, and Life Science. 

Technology has been integrated into our Kindergarten curriculum. We use for religion, Rosetta Stone for Spanish instruction, Superkids online portal as a supplement to our reading program, GetEpic for tying reading books into online and school instruction, and IXL and Freckle for math practice. Freckle is aligned to our STAR results and helps to differentiate for each student. 

We also have an art docent that teaches formal art lessons to the students each month whether in-person or on zoom! The 100th day of school is also always fun for the students. The students create their own 100th day posters for school and complete fun activities which coincide with this fun day in the school year.