HSA President - Jack Rast

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Meet our H.S.A. President - Jack Rast

Father to Johnny (4th Grade) and Samantha (Kindergarten)

I  have  lived  in  Visalia  since  I  was  10  years  old. I  am  a  graduate  of  George  McCann.  I  finished my  studies  at  Fresno  State  (B.A.  History).  I met  my wife  Nicole  while  at  Fresno  State.  We are  blessed  with  two  beautiful  children; Johnny (8) and Samantha (4). I work alongside my dad for our family business here in Visalia. My  mom  has  been  the  principal  at  George McCann for the last 20 years. She was also my 5th  grade  teacher. I’m  an  alumnus  of  GMC,  graduating  in  1999.  I have  coached  almost  every  sport  here  over the  last  12  years  (Football,  Basketball,  Boys and  Girls  Soccer,  Baseball)  I  have  focused  on Varsity  Boys  Basketball  the  last  several  years. I  was  a  director  on  the  H.S.A  board  four  years ago  and  Vice  President  for  two  years  and President  this  past  year.  I  am  also  a  part  of  the Facilities  Committee  and  really  enjoy  working on  updating  our  school  in  many  areas through  this  great  group.  This  past  year  has presented  many  challenges,  but  I  always enjoy being able to serve the school and meet so  many wonderful people who believe in the mission  of  our school.  George McCann is truly a  special  place. I  believe  I  bring  a  unique  perspective  having  been  a  student,  and  now  being  involved  as  a  coach and  parent.  George  McCann  has  been  a  part  of  our  family,  and  my  life,  since  1995.  I  am  always exploring  ways  to  enhance  the  school  and  the  foundation  of  the  students  through  faith, education,  and  competition.