An easy way to support your school

The Catholic School of Visalia—George McCann Memorial SCRIP program is the year-round fundraiser of the Home and School Association. Gift cards and certificates are purchased at a discount and are sold at face value to the school’s families, friends and parishioners.

The income from the Scrip Program benefits the school, school families and parish ministries.

What exactly is Scrip?

Scrip is a certificate used in place of cash or checks at participating stores and restaurants. Anyone—family and friends—can purchase scrip. The scrip program costs no additional money and you receive dollar-for-dollar value at all participating stores. Scrip purchased by family or friends also applies to your participation. Depending on the vendor, the school can earn from 1%-25% of the face value of the scrip.

The Catholic Church of Visalia ministries may purchase scrip to be applied to the ministries’ program and rebate.

Scrip Order Form

Scrip Order Forms are available in the school office between the hours of 8 am – ­4 pm on school days or available for download from our website.


eScrip Program

eScrip is an electronic scrip program that is easy to use both online and as an app on your phone.

eScrip is the longest running most successful shop-to-fundraise “electronic scrip” program in the United States.  We’ve helped schools and non profits in your communities with your participation.

Shop online and earn rebates to benefit The Catholic School of Visalia, George McCann Memorial, from your favorite online shops at no added cost for you.  You can also download the eScrip App on your mobile device.

eScrip Sign Up

Physical/Paper Scrip

Physical/Paper scrip is a form of gift certificate or card that the school purchases at a discount and resells to supporters at the face value for which it can be redeemed. Depending on the vendor, the school can earn from 1% to 25% of the face value of the scrip certificate.

Each vendor provides its own Scrip, some with the words “Gift Certificate” printed on it. At the store it spends just like cash—there are no catches or hidden charges. If your purchases require change, each store has its own policy.

Where to Purchase Scrip

George McCann Main Office
(During the School Year)

8:00AM – 4:00PM